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Nowadays I program almost exclusively for Linux. The languages I use the most are C++, C, Python, Perl and Java, but I also know and use for instance PHP, JavaScript etc. Way back I did a lot of Pascal programming for Dos and W*ndows, BASIC on the C64, and I think still remember some x86 assembler... :-) The Simula programming at LTH was an interesting experience (they've switched to Java now though).

And of course I do a lot shell-scripting as well.

Most projects I work with at home is to check out new technologies, languages etc. The last years I've worked a lot with Amazon's web servicesand Google App Engine.

Current projects

SDBBrowser - A Python/QT based browser for Amazon SDB. - so far only a blog. The rest of my plans are moving forward at a glacial pace.

Recent projects

Cucumber - web based gallery written in PHP. The basic design philosophy is not to require a database backend that needs to be maintained, backed up etc. Instead all meta data is stored in the JPEGs themselves as EXIF data. All code written in PHP 5.Since I've now switched to a much different workflow in my photography where I use raw and Lightroom 2 I will probably not continue work on this project.


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